Fun In The Sun

Australian fun in the sun wear! This website is dedicated to educating people about the harsh Australian sun, and what to do when going outside. Every Australian school child is taught to "slip slop slap" which mean wear sunscreen when going outside. Sometimes that is not enough and we need to turn to apparel such as sun safe hats and light coloured t-shirts.

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wear a hat
wear a t-shirt
put on sunscreen

You don't need a university degree to be sun smart!

There are many thing one should take into account when being sun smart. If you're to go outside then you should make sure you have: a hat or cap on your head, a t-shirt covering your shoulders and sun screen for your face and arms.

Using apparel is a great way to keep sun safe and using SPF 30+ sunscreen is not going to damage your skin, it will improve it.

Sunscreen and Hats!

The cancer council of Australia has implemented a few campaign over time, but the one that has stuck with most adults today is the advertising that hit the 80's and again in the 90's. Around this time the cancer council coined the phrase "slip slop slap" which lead to "no hat, no play".

Schools all around Australia came together and boosted an industry that produced custom caps and hats and seen it as an opportunity to force children to stay smart safe whilst wearing a branded item on their heads.

Another camping that the cancer council of Australia took on after the slip slop slap campaigns was the "no tan is worth dying for" where they exposed Australia to Claire Oliver that dies from a melanoma. This was another opportunity to show people that skin cancer is a growing cause of death and caps and hats were not the only things people should take into account.

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Original Slip Slop Slap Video

original slip slop slap seagull

No Such Thing As A Healthy Tan

no such thing as a healthy tan video

T-shirts protect better than singlets!

When it comes to a tan Australians are the worst, however they know that you need to wear a t-shirt and not a singlet. The worst are actually tourists that haven't been exposed to the harsh sun previusly and then come to Australia, throw their clothes off at Bondi Beach and wonder why they're all red a few hours later. It is a painful experience and to smart people it only happens a few times in their life.

Many people should know that a singlet is not going to protect you from the sun. The sun hits the shoulders the most, so wearing a t-shirt instead is a smarter approach. You can spice things by ordering a batch of t-shirts for your crew by seeing you local screen printer and asking for custom t-shirt printing service.

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